ZIR YABS Strong Nail Serum


Strong Nail Serum for Healthy Nails

Massaging Strong Nail Serum into nails every day stimulates the cuticle and moisturizes the nail, protecting nails from breakage and splitting while encouraging healthy nails that grow as fast and strong as possible. Moisturizing nails is one of the six tips the American Academy of Dermatology recommends for keeping nails healthy.

Size: 4 oz

Additional Information:

The oils and other ingredients work in two certain ways. They seal in moisture when nails are already damp and they provide a protective coating to nails. For these reasons, the best times to apply the Strong Nail Serum is after showering, bathing, or washing dishes when nails are still damp, before and after swimming in chlorine, after exposing nails to harsh chemicals, after taking off nail polish, and before bed.

Ingredients of the Strong Nail Serum for Healthy Nails
Castor Oil has a thick, luscious viscosity that has staying power, leaving a protective layer on the nail and giving the serum’s ingredients a chance to work. This oil comes from the seed of the Castor Plant, a native of India, and is a rich source of fatty acids, especially ricinoleic acid which supports nail collagen, promotes elasticity in the cuticles, and helps the serum penetrate the nail surface. Castor Oil is often used to help hair and nails grow and has shown to be an effective antifungal.

Coconut Oil is everyone’s favorite oil, for good reason. This thick protective oil is super moisturizing and nourishing for skin, nails, and cuticles. Coconut Oil has 3 medium-chain fatty acids: lauric acid, capric acid, and caprylic acid. Lauric acid works against bacteria, fungus, and viruses, and important quality when all of us are avoiding contracting a difficult-to-treat and disfiguring nail fungus.
VEGETABLE LECITHIN helps the other ingredients stay mixed and to stick on your nail.

LANOLIN WAX is a nail conditioner and protector, it also helps the thinner oils stay put so they can do their work. It is derived from Sheep’s wool during the wool gathering process. The sheep are not killed to do this.
EMU OIL is a thick oil from Emu Birds. It is highly prized for its conditioning abilities and I use it only in products where I feel it will actually solve a difficult human problem. However, it makes this product not suitable for vegans.
SILK PROTEIN or Silk Peptides are easily absorbed by nails, hair, and skin because of their microscopic size and may help strengthen nails weak with fungus.

MYRRH ESSENTIAL OIL is one of the go-to oils to strengthen nails and prevent splitting and cracking.
SEA BUCKTHORN OIL is jam-packed with Vit C and healing components.

Rosemary Essential Oil (the go-to oil for hair and nail growth.)
Cypress Essential Oil
Grapefruit Essential Oil
Carrot Seed Oil
Wintergreen Essential Oil
Frankincense Essential Oil
Lemongrass Essential Oil, Vit E.

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