SECHE Condition Keratin Infused Cuticle Oil


Seche Condition™GET HEALTHY CUTICLES IN ONE SWIPE: A powerful cuticle treatment oil perfect for nourishing neglected fingertips! Seche Condition Cuticle Oil hydrates nails and cuticles. Infused with nourishing oils that prevent dryness so there will be no hangnails and even nail infections for you! This cuticle oil will help build resilient, flexible nails that are less likely to chip, crack and peel. Gently massage into cuticles daily to keep cuticles smooth, hydrated, and nails looking healthy and strong.

MOISTURIZE AND SOFTEN DRY, CRACKED CUTICLES: Seche Condition Cuticle Oil is formulated not only to hydrate cuticles but also to protect and strengthen your nails! Credit its combo of Keratin, a nail reinforcement agent, Jojoba Oil, a fast-absorbing oil known for mimicking the oils naturally found in your skin.

NON-GREASY, FAST-ABSORBING FORMULA: Looking for a cuticle oil that doesn’t require you to wait around for it to soak in? Seche Condition Cuticle Oil is your ticket! A miracle fix cuticle treatment that soothes dry, flaky cuticles back into fighting shape! Not only that! This makes your nail beds look neat and tidy with zero grease in sight, too! It also absorbs quickly so you can get back to your life without accidentally leaving oil stains on everything you touch! Just wow!

HANDY DAILY CUTICLE TREATMENT OIL: Keeping your cuticles in check, Seche Condition Cuticle Oil is an easy way to revitalize and hydrate your cuticles and nails. It is formulated to deeply nourish your fingertips – plus its convenient brush-on-cap delivers an easy application every time! A handbag essential and a must-have in every manicure kit, this hardworking oil helps to repair damaged cuticles while making nails always looking healthy after a pro-worthy paint job!

 0.5 Oz

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