GIGI Paraffin Protectors


GiGi Paraffin Hand & Foot Protectors slip on after the paraffin dip, before the hands or feet are covered with the insulating mitts. After treatment, with the GiGi Paraffin Protectors still on, remove paraffin and dispose of plastic protector in one neat and easy step.

Paraffin Waxing Hand and Foot Protector Pack: Upscale your paraffin wax treatment experience with the GiGi Paraffin Protectors! Comes in a box of 26 clean and convenient protectors that gives you or your clients incredible paraffin wax results. Easy to use and store, perfect for on-the-go applications too.

Excellent Paraffin Wax Curing: Locks moisture and heat in! GiGi Paraffin Protectors keeps all the good stuff sealed in so you can get the full effect of your GiGi paraffin wax of choice. Get soft, sultry, young-looking skin on your hands and feet! Just slip in right after your last paraffin dip in the warmer and right before insulating gloves or mitts.

Perfect Protector Fit: A versatile paraffin wax protectors pack choice! GiGi Paraffin Protectors fit both your hands and feet. No need to get separate protector packs, one size fits all. Made with a durable and non-toxic plastic material for worry-free protection. No-mess no-fuss, just beautiful results you can proudly show off!

Pro-Approved Paraffin Treatment: Works beautifully in a wax salon or at-home settings! GiGi Paraffin Protectors come ready to use and fit right into your hands or feet. Done with your paraffin session? These handy protectors are easily disposable after each use. Promotes a clean and safe environment at the wax studio or in your bathroom beauty corner at home. Get refreshed, clean, and rejuvenated skin effortlessly!

QTY: 26 Per/ Box

Material: Plastic

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