CRE8TION Nail Art Glitter - G40


Cre8tion Nail Art Glitter makes your nails sparkle like diamonds! Sprinkle this fine glitter to any nail look and prepare to mesmerize everyone with its beauty! 

Color: G40

Size: 1oz (30g)


Step 1: 
Apply and cure a quality base coat, for non-damaging adhesion and quick soak off.

Step 2: 
Apply your favorite gel color. For the BOLDEST results, we suggest using a dark black color and cure. Do NOT apply a Top Coat yet. 

Step 3: 
Using a makeup sponge or silicon applicator, lightly dip into the flakes to pick up a very small amount of the product. Remember, a little goes a long way.

Step 4: 
Apply by patting on top of cured top coat to reach desired effect. You may need to spread gently. Repeat until you have your desired results. Usually 1-2 applications is enough. No need to cure. 

Step 5: 
Finally, apply a slick and shiny top coat, and cure to seal the beautiful finish.

PLEASE NOTE: Color swatches may differ from actual product color due to different monitor settings and electronic devices.