CRE8TION Unicorn Nail Art Effect - 05


Unicorn nail art pigment powder. May be applied to any gel color

Size: 1g

Application Guide:

Step 1: 
Apply and cure a quality base coat.
Step 2: Apply your favorite gel color that you would like to add the Cre8tion Nail Art Effect to. (2-3 coats)
Step 3: Apply gel top coat. Recommended: Non-cleansing/ No Wipe Gel Top Coat.
Step 4: Using a makeup sponge or silicon applicator, lightly dip into the pigment to pick up a very small amount of the product. Remember, a little goes a long way. Check out Cre8tion Silicon Applicator!
Step 5: Apply by patting on top of cured topcoat to reach desired effect. Some effects may need to be spread. Usually, 1-2 applications are enough. No need to cure. To minimize chipping, apply a layer of Cre8tion Chrome Sealer and cure. Check out Cre8tion Chrome Sealer!
Step 6: Finally, apply another layer of top coat.

 Color swatches may differ from actual product color due to different monitor settings and electronic devices. Also, the base gel color used can change the tone of the powder color.