BORN PRETTY Nail Art Pen - Gold


Nail Art Pen. Use for fine nail art work. Great for drawing french nail art, flowers, patterns, etc.

Color: Gold

Size: 3ml (0.1 oz)

How to use:
1. Pen point is white before first use. (Normal)
2. Shake the pen holder until the fulid is mixed.
3. Press the pen point to release when first using.
4. Push the pen point several times,wait for several seconds and then the color wiill come out.(Important)
5. Apply the color gel.
6. If there is floating gel on the nail surface, please wipe it off.
7. Draw pattern you want on your nail and let it to naturally.
8. Seal with top coat and cure.
9. Cover the cap immediately.

PLEASE NOTE: Color swatches may differ from actual product color due to different monitor settings and electronic devices.