APRES Gel Couleur 207 - Lemon Sour


Aprés Gel Couleur is gel polish elevated.
Aprés Gel Couleur offers a smooth, highly pigmented formula that provides amazing color payoff. But Aprés Gel Couleur takes it a step further by also providing the perfect tool along with the perfect color. Included is our completely revolutionary in-bottle Brush-X that offers denser bristles that are more finely cut and shaped. This means with Aprés Gel Couleur you will get the easiest, most precise color application you’ve ever experienced.

0.5 Fl Oz (15 ml)

  • After prepping the natural nail and applying base coat, apply a layer of Aprés Gel Couleur then cure for 30 sec LED.
  • Follow with a second coat, curing for 30 sec LED.
  • Finish with the Après Non-Wipe Top Gelcoat.
  • When applying on Gel-X Tips, NO base coat is needed.
PRO TIP: Less is more with Gel Couleur! Thinner layers of color will provide the best results!

PLEASE NOTE: Color swatches may differ from actual product color due to different monitor settings and electronic devices.